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Current Issue: Volume 11, 1989

Journal Volume 11, 1989

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An era of molecular pathology?

Symposium: Recent Advances in Laboratory Diagnosis

Recent advances in the laboratory diagnosis of filariasis
Author: JW Mak

Diagnosis and surveillance of Dengue virus infections: Gold standards and new directions
Author: MJ Cardosa

Recent advances in the laboratory diagnosis of malaria
Author: BTE Chan


Recent advances on Epstein Barr virus and associated diseases
Authors: CK Sam

Original Articles

Evaluation of the GO slide, a growth transport system for the laboratory diagnosis of gonorrhoea
Authors: YS Lim and Asmah Ismail

The first isolate of Tatumella ptyseos in Malaysia
Authors: SC Tan, YH Wong, M Jegathesan and SM Chang

The erythrocyte sedimentation rate, C-reactive protein, plasma fibrinogen and viscosity in chronic renal disease patients with infection
Authors: Roshidah Ishak and Khalid Hassan

Recovery of forensically important entomological specimens from human cadavers in Malaysia - an update
Authors: HL Lee

Sensitivity of yeasts to Amphotericin B and 5-Fluorocytosine
Authors: Shamim Abdul-Samad, G Arumugharn and Mohamed Salleh Mohamed Yasin

Susceptibility of non-fermentative gram-negative organisms to ureidopenicillins and quinolones
Authors: F Moosdeen, SS Tee, CK Eng and Halijah Yunus

Activity of imipenem against clinical isolates
Authors: VKE Lirn

Dispersal of bacteria by an electric air hand dryer
Authors: YF Ngeow , HW Ong and P Tan

Morphological changes in taste buds of the fungiform papillae after a single dose of X-ray irradiation in rats
Authors: Rosnah Zain and CT Hanks

Kaposi's sarcoma following long term steroid therapy
Authors: Sharifah Noor Akmal and Yusha Abd Wahab

Adult neuroblastoma: a case report
Authors: PL Cheah, P Jayalakshmi, R Jeyamalar and P Kuperan

The Malaysian Society of Pathologists: 13th Annual General Meeting and Scientific Meeting