The Malaysian Journal of Pathology

Current Issue: Volume 26, No. 2 December 2004

Journal Volume 26, No. 2 December 2004

ISSN 0126-8635


Original Articles

Ultrastructural characteristics of synovial effusion cells in some arthropathies
Authors: MY Kapitonova and M Othman

Complete molecular characterisation of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD)deficiency in a group of Malaysian Chinese neonates
Authors: O Ainoon, NY Boo, YH Yu, SK Cheong, HN Hamidah and JH Lim

Comparison of BACTEC MGIT 960 system and BACTEC 460 TB system for growth and detection of Mycobacteria from clinical specimens
Authors: R Ganeswrie, CS Chui, S Balan and SD Puthucheary

Heterogeneous t(4;11) fusion transcripts in two infants with acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Authors: HK Gill, SK Ten, JS Dhaliwal, S Moore, R Hassan, F Abdul Karim, Z Zakaria, S Murad, M Mohamed, H Mohamad Ibrahim and EJ Abdul Rahman

Comparison of myeloperoxidase detection by flow cytometry using two different clones of monoclonal antibodies
Authors: CF Leong, AVM Kalaichelvi, SK Cheong, NH Hamidah, J Rahman and K Sivagengei

Case Reports

Colonic irrigation-induced hyponatremia
Authors: S Norlela, C Izham and BAK Khalid

Microfilaria in hydrocele fluid cytology
Authors: PA Chandran, G Jayaram, R Mahmud and A Khairul Anuar

Unilateral gestational macromastia- a rare disorder
Authors: K Sharma, S Nigam, Nita Khurana and K Uma Chaturvedi

Abstracts of the 5th Annual Scientific Meeting of the College of Pathologists