The Malaysian Journal of Pathology

Current Issue: Volume 23, No. 2 December 2001

Journal Volume 23, No. 2 December 2001

ISSN 0126-8635



Lymphoma: An introduction into historical background, classification schemes, aetiology, geographical variation and epidemiological trend
Authors: Peh, S. C.; Poppema, S.

Original Articles

Relationship of p53 expression with clinicopathological variables and disease outcome: a prospective study on 315 consecutive breast carcinoma patients
Authors: Aziz, S. A.; Pervez, S.; Khan, S.; Kayani, N.; Rahbar, M. H.

Comparison of three different methods for the presumptive detection of ESBL production in Ceftazidime-resistant strains of Klebsiella pneumoniae
Authors: Palasubramaniam, S.; Parasakthi, N.

Serum bone specific alkaline phosphatase and urinary deoxypyridinoline in postmenopausal osteoporosis
Authors: Nawawi, H. M.; Yazid, T. N.; Ismail, K. M. N.; Mohamad, A. R.; Nirwana, S. I.; Khalid, B. A. K.

Negative images in the fine needle aspiration cytologic diagnosis of mycobacterial infections
Authors: Iyengar, K. R.; Basu, D.

Evaluation of fine needle aspiration cytology of salivary glands: an analysis of 141 cases
Authors: Jayaram, G.; Dashini, M.

Renal biopsies in Johor: a 7-year study
Author: Khoo, J. J.

Profile of solvent abusers (glue sniffers) in East Malaysia
Authors: Zabedah, M. Y.; A Razak, M.; Zakiah, I.; Zuraidah, A. B.

Comparative histamine levels in antemortem and postmortem wounds in the human skin by fluorescence spectrophotometry
Authors: Faridah, M. N.; Shahrom, A. W.

Case Report

Fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma: a case report
Authors: Khoo, J. J.; Clouston, A.