The Malaysian Journal of Pathology

Current Issue: Volume 23, No. 1 June 2001

Journal Volume 23, No. 1 June 2001

ISSN 0126-8635



Medico-legal aspects of histopathology practice
Authors: Ong, B. B.; Looi, L. M.


P53: An overview of over two decades of study
Authors: Cheah, P. L.; Looi, L. M.

Original Articles

The effects of a tocotrienol-rich fraction on experimentally induced atherosclerosis in the aorta of rabbits
Authors: Nafeeza, M. I.; Norzana, A. G.; Jalaluddin, H. L. K.; Gapor, M. T.

Expression of proliferating cell associated protein, Ki-67, supports cellular proliferation in WHO Class IV lupus nephritis
Authors: Cheah, P. L.; Kunaseegaran, R.; Looi, L. M.

Stromal microcalcification in prostate
Authors: Muezzinoglu, B.; Gurbuz, Y.

Fibrocartilaginous dysplasia: A variant of fibrous dysplasia
Authors: Muezzinoglu, B.; Oztop, F.

An audit of fresh frozen plasma usage in a tertiary referral centre in a developing country
Authors: Prathiba, R.; Jayaranee, S.; Ramesh, J. C.; Lopez, C. G.; Vasanthi, N.

Brief Communication

Herpes zoster in children with cancer
Authors: Menon, B. S.; Wan Maziah, W. M.