The Malaysian Journal of Pathology

Current Issue: Volume 20, No. 2 December 1998

Journal Volume 20, No. 2 December 1998

ISSN 0126-8635


Original Articles

Outbreak of fatal childhood viral infection in Saiawak, Malaysia 1997: inocula of patients' clinical specimens induce apoptosis in vitro
Authors: Sazaly AbuBakar, Norazizah Shafee and HY Chee

An enzyme immunoassay for advanced glycosylated end-products in serum
Authors: Wan Nazaimoon WM and Khalid BAK

Flow cytometric analysis of intracellular myeloperoxidase distinguishes lymphocytes, monocytes and granulocytes
Authors: SP Tay, SK Cheong, NH Hamidah and 0 Ainoon

Detection of Legionella pneumophilia antigens in patients' sera using monoclonal antibodies
Author: Y Normaznah, K Saniah, A Noor Rain, A Norazah, MR Azizah and P Sabiha

The usefulness of limited placental sampling in stillbirths
Author: Hayati AR, TY Khong and Zainul R

Case Reports

Serum ferritin and lactate dehydrogenase in a case of hemophagocytic lymphocytosis
Authors: CF Leong, SK Cheong, NH Hamidah, 0 Ainoon and Y Kannaheswary

Primary squamous cell carcinoma of the thyroid - a case report
Authors: Wan Muhaizan, KS Phang, Sharifah NA and A1 Amin D

Brief Communication

Incidence of acute atherosis in complete molar pregnancy
Authors: Hayati AR, Azizah A and Wahidah A