The Malaysian Journal of Pathology

Current Issue: Volume 9, 1987

Journal Volume 9, 1987

ISSN 0126-8635



Symposium on Quality Assurance Programmes

Quality Assurance Programmes - an Introduction
Author: M deG Gribble

Quality Assurance in Chemical Pathology
Author: SJ Bryant

A Medical Microbiology Quality Assurance Programme
Author: RC Pritchard

Organizational Aspects in an Anatomical Pathology Quality Assurance Programme
Author: J Maynard

External Quality Assurance Programme in Haematology
Author: WG Hughes

Quality Assurance Programmes in Transfusion Serology
Author: RW Beal

K Prathap Memorial Lecture

Cancer of the Lung: An immunocytochemical, histological and ultrastructural study
Authors: MS Dunnill and KC Gatter

Perpectives in Pathology

Rational use of blood and blood products
Authors: FE Boulton

Pathology - its origins, progression and future
Authors: RE Cotton

Original Articles

Correlation of RAST result and serum IgE levels with the allergic symptoms of some clinically defined Malaysian cases
Authors: SC Gan and K Rajagopalan

Evaluation of a microhaemagglutination test for the serological diagnosis of Mycoplasma Pneumoniae infections
Authors: N Parasakthi

Determination of thyroid-binding inhibiting immunoglobulins using unextracted serum
Authors: SF Yap, A Ngan and A Zaini

Lupus nephritis in childhood
Authors: SC Peh, LM Looi and KL Lam

Preliminary results on the detection of mycolic acids from Mycobacterium leprae by gel chromatography and proton nuclear resonance spectroscopy
Authors: SC Gan, SN Gan and Y Tanaka

In-vitro activity of sulbactam-ampicillin combination
Authors: F Moosdeen and VKE Lim

Malignant epidermal cyst: a case report
Authors: S Arianayagam and P Jayalakshmi

Metastatic carcinoma in bone marrow
Authors: SC Ng, P Kuperan and MK Tan


Dr. Ranjeet Bhagwan Singh

The Malaysian Society of Pathologists: 11th Annual General Meeting and Scientific Meeting