The Malaysian Journal of Pathology

Current Issue: Volume 44 No.2 August 2022

Journal cover Volume 44 No.2 August 2022

ISSN 0126-8635



Medical record archives in the era of digitalisation
Author: Tan GC, Wong YP, Cheong SK


Guidelines on retention of pathology records and materials (Version 2/2022)
Author: Wong YP, Abu Backer FM, Tan GC, Looi LM, Mat Salleh MJ, A. Subramaniam PA, Rahimi R, Ariffin R, Razali RH, Siew SF, Cheong SK, C. Thambiah S, Md Hanapiah S, Kumariah T, Tang YL, Zainol Rashid Z

Special Article

COVID-19 vaccination for children in Malaysia - A position statement by the College of Paediatrics, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia
Author: Cheah FC, Thong MK, Zulkifli I, Zilfalil A, Amir Hamzah AL, Chan PWK, Khoo EJ, Noran NH

Review Article

An insight of dysregulation of microRNAs in the pathogenesis of diabetic kidney disease
Author: Zahari Sham SY, Abdullah M, Osman M, Seow HF

Original Articles

Diagnosis of lung infection in sudden adult death: Comparison of postmortem computed tomography and histopathology
Author: Koo ZP, Siew S

Primary pulmonary synovial sarcoma: A clinicopathological study of 22 cases
Author: Telugu RB, Kodiatte TA, Sakthi D, Isaiah R, Singh A, Gnanamuthu BR, Backianathan S

The potential diagnostic value of Rac1 immunohistochemistry in follicular thyroid carcinoma
Author: Agustina H, Ahyati R, Suryanti S, Hernowo BS

Karyotype patterns, clinical features, and parental ages of three predominant live born autosomal trisomies of Northeast Malaysia
Author: Ankathil R, Zakaria WNA, Rostenberghe HV, Ibrahim NR, Ramli N, Ismail SM, Mohd Nawi NA, Mat Zin NMZ, Ramli N, Abu Bakar Z, Rasudin NFS, Chia BH, Mohd Adam NA, Mohd Yunus N, Annuar AA, Sulong S, Alwi Z

The prognostic significance of HER2 expression in urothelial carcinoma
Author: Rosli N, Mahasin M, Mohd Saleh MF, Abd Shukor N

Clinical utility of Pandy test in the face of quantitative CSF total protein and albumin: A retrospective study and literature review
Author: Zulkufli NS, Ting HY, Mat Salleh MJ, Lim CH, Che Muda NB

Macroprolactin screening in 464 patients with hyperprolactinaemia
Author: Lim MH, Ho CKM

Human brucellosis: Six years retrospective study on seropositivity in Malaysia
Author: Nik Mazlan SA, Abdul Hadi Sabri FS, Mohamed Zahidi J, Seman Z, Ahmad N, Ramli SR

Case Series

Histopathological diagnosis of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy: A review of three autopsy cases
Author: Abouzahir H, Regragui M, Tolba CS, Belhouss A, Karkouri M, Benyaich H

Colorectal cancer in patient younger than 50-year-old in Kelantan: Two case reports
Author: Che Jalil NA, Othman NH, Wan Abdul Rahman WF, Zakaria AD, Samsudin AHZ, Mohd Nafi SN, Mazuki NAN

Case Reports

Squamous papilloma of the proximal oesophagus associated with an inlet patch: a potential aetiological relationship
Authors: Cohen DL, Yaakobi R, Shirin H

An unsuspected and unusual case of zoonotic sporotrichosis
Author: Zawawi RD, Ding CH, Tzar MN

Letter to Editor

An insight of -50 (G>A) mutation in the direct repeat element of the β-globin gene: From Malaysian perspective
Author: Mohd Yasin N, Abdul Hamid FS, Hassan S, Mat Yusoff Y, Mohd Sahid EN, Esa E

Abstract of the 19th Annual Scientific Meeting, College of Pathologists, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine: Current, Advancement and Emerging Trends, co-organised by Department of Pathology, Hospital Melaka, Department of Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories, Hospital Universiti Teknologi MARA (HUiTM) and the College of Pathologists, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia and held virtually on 22nd-24th June 2022