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Current Issue: Volume 40 No.2 August 2018

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Original Articles

Heterogenous expression of ERG oncoprotein in Malaysian men with adenocarcinoma of the prostate
Author: Tan JSJ, Ong KC, Ong DBL, Razack A, Lim J, Yunus R, Sundram M, Rhodes A

CD56 expression in benign and malignant thyroid lesions
Author: Muthusamy S, Azhar Shah S, Abdullah Suhaimi SN, Kassim N, Mahasin M, Mohd Saleh MF, Md Isa N

Intraoperative frozen section sentinel lymph node assessment in breast cancer: A tertiary institution experience
Author: Lai SK, Masir N, Md Pauzi SH

A clinicopathologic study of 173 odontogenic tumours in Northern Peninsular Malaysia (2007-2014)
Authors: Ismail S, Saw CL

Stromal podoplanin expression and its clinicopathological role in breast carcinoma
Authors: Kumcu E, Unverdi H, Kaymaz E, Oral O, Turkbey D, Hucmenoglu S

Post mortem troponin T analysis in sudden death: Is it useful?
Authors: Rahimi R, Dahili ND, Anuar Zainun K, Mohd Kasim NA, Md Noor S

Short Communication

Pregnancy outcomes in women with non-transfusion dependent thalassaemia (NTDT): A haematology centre experience
Authors: Lee BS, Sathar J, Sivapatham L, Lee LI

The effect of Resveratrol and Octreotide on peritoneal adhesions in a rat model
Authors: Üreyen O, Üstuner MA, Argon A, Özbilgin M, Egeli T, Ìlhan E, Vardar E, Ünek T, Yildirim M, Erkan N

Case Reports

ALK-positive anaplastic large-cell lymphoma with primary bone involvement: A rare case and review of the literature
Author: Noh BJ, Han CS, Park JS, Lee J, Kim YW, Park YK

Leptospirosis in pregnancy: A lesson in subtlety
Author: Rahimi R, Omar E, Tuan Soh TS, Mohd Nawi SFA, Md Noor S

Mature teratoma of the pineal region in the paediatric age group: A case report and review of the literature
Authors: De Los Reyes FVA, Rivera DI, Santos HM, Carlos RM

Autopsy findings of SUDEP in adolescence
Author: Afandi D, Romus I

Myelodysplastic syndrome with fibrosis and complex karyotype arising in a patient with essential thrombocythaemia
Authors: Mansor NA, Yusof N, Tang YL, Ithnin A, Azma RZ, Tumian NR, Shuib S

Colonic adenosquamous carcinoma and mucinous adenocarcinoma with microsatellite instability
Author: Parra-Medina R, Lopez-Correa P, Gutierrez V, Polo F

Primary uterine angiosarcoma with “rhabdoid morphology”: A case report
Authors: Gandhi JS, Kamboj M, Gupta G, Seth N

Letter to Editor

Low cost immunohistochemistry bench for developing countries
Authors: Ch’ng ES, Khiro FI

Abstracts of the International Congress of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine 2018: Frontiers in Diagnostic Pathology, College of Pathologists, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia