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Current Issue: Volume 39 No.2 August 2017

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Original Articles

Molecular analysis of fragile X syndrome (FXS) among Malaysian patients with developmental disability
Author: Ali EZ, Yakob Y, Md Desa N, Ishak T, Zakaria Z, Ngu LK and Keng WT

Primary imatinib resistance in chronic myeloid leukemia patients in a developing country: BCR-ABL kinase domain mutations or BCR-ABL independent mechanisms?
Author: E Yap, Tumian NR, Azma RZ, Sharifah NA, Salwati S, Hamidah NH, Elias MH and Wong CL

Frequency and molecular epidemiology of Panton-Valentine leukocidin gene in Staphylococcus aureus colonising HIV-infected patients
Author: Mohd-Zain Z, Mohd-Nawi SFA, Adnan A and Kumar S

A 15-year single centre retrospective study of antiphospholipid syndrome patients from Northern Malaysia
Authors: Islam MA, Alam F, Gan SH, Sasongko TH, Wan Ghazali WS and Wong KK

Determination of the 99th percentile upper reference limit for high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I in Malaysian population
Authors: Lim SM, Thambiah SC, Zahari Sham SY, Omar R, Hambali Z and Samsudin IN

The value of Nottingham grade in breast cancer re-visited in the Sri Lankan setting
Authors: Peiris H, Mudduwa L, Thalagala N and Jayatialake K

Multiplex real-time RT-PCR assay for transfusion transmitted viruses in sero-negative allogeneic blood donors: an experience from Southern Pakistan
Authors: Sultan S, Nasir MI, Rafiq S, Baig MA, Akbani S and Irfan SM

Haematological parameters and screening tests of haemostasis in children with sepsis: results from a tertiary care centre in India
Author: Sharma A, Sikka M, Bhankar H, Gomber S and Sharma S

Technical Report

Isolation by culture and PCR identification of LipL32 gene of pathogenic Leptospira spp. in wild rats of Kuala Lumpur
Authors: Latifah I, Abdul Halim A, Rahmat MS, Nadia MF, Ubil ZE, Asmah H, Shafariatul Akmar I, Picardeau M, Siti Haslina O and Nasir MA

Case Reports

A sudden paediatric death due to hand, foot and mouth disease: the importance of vigilance
Authors: Rahimi R, Omar E, Tuan Soh TS, Mohd Nawi SFA and Md Noor S

Synchronous papillary thyroid carcinoma and medullary thyroid carcinoma – a pitfall waiting to happen
Authors: Tang PY, Khor LY and Takano A

p40 in metastatic pulmonary trophoblastic tumour: potential diagnostic pitfall on histopathology
Authors: Vallonthaiel AG, Walia R, Pramanik R, Sharma MC and Jain D

A fatal gastric perforation secondary to ulcerated metastasis in undiagnosed breast cancer: pathological aspects and review of literature
Authors: Barranco R, Orcioni GF and Ventura F

Clinical judgement perplexed by initially undisclosed use of herbal medicine and unexpected cross-reactivity of immunoassay
Authors: Liu KT and Lee CW

Unexpected infant death secondary to a pulmonary infiltration due to acute myelocytic leukaemia
Authors: Ben Khelil M, Chkirbene Y, Mlika M, Haouet S and Hamdoun M

Familial antithrombin III deficiency in a Malay patient with massive thrombosis
Authors: Wan Ab Rahman WS, Abdullah WZ, Hassan MN, Hussin A, Zulkafli Z and Haron J

Extensive left ventricular, pulmonary artery, and pericardial metastasis from myxoid liposarcoma 16 years after the initial detection of the primary tumour: a case report and review of the literature
Authors: Motevalli D and Tavangar SM

Letters to the Editor

A linking bridge between histopathological analysis and molecular assay in microbiology
Author: Okubo Y