The Malaysian Journal of Pathology

Current Issue: Volume 38 No.3 December 2016

Journal cover Volume 38 No.3 December 2016

ISSN 0126-8635


Point of View

Contaminated milk is a common cause of necrotising enterocolitis: A hypothesis
Author: Boo NY

Original Articles

Glypican-3 is useful but not superior to Hep Par 1 in differentiating hepatocellular carcinoma from other liver tumours
Author: Pour AM, Masir N and Rose IM

Potential use of cord blood for Hb E hemoglobinopathy screening programme using capillary electrophoresis
Author: Wan Mohd Saman WA, Hassan R, Mohd Yusoff S, Che Yaakob CA, Abdullah NAF, Ghazali S, Mohd Radzi MAR and Bahar R

Emergence of CTX-M-15 producing E. coli O25b-ST131 clone in a tertiary care hospital of Bangladesh
Authors: Begum N and Shamsuzzaman SM

Current trends of seroprevalence of transfusion transmitted infections in Pakistani Β-thalassaemic patients
Authors: Sultan S, Irfan SM, Siddiqui M and Zaidi SMH

Human papillomavirus (HPV) in Egyptian females: study by cytology, histopathology, colposcopy and molecular diagnosis of high risk types
Authors: Nayel MA, Shaker OG, Hosni AN, Hosni HN, Khalifa SE and Shazly AF

Histopathological features of coeliac disease in a sample of Sudanese patients
Authors: Mokhtar MAN, Mekki SO, Mudawi HMY, Sulaiman SH, Tahir MA, Tigani MA, Omer IA, Yousif BM, Fragalla IA, Mohammed Z and Dafaalla M

MicroRNA expression in antiphospholipid syndrome: a systematic review and microRNA target genes analysis
Author: Muhammad Shazwan S, Muhammad Aliff M, Asral Wirda AA, Hayati AR, Maizatul Azma M, Nur Syahrina AR, Nazefah AH, Jameela S and Nur Fariha MM

Gene expression in obstetric antiphospholipid syndrome: a systematic review
Authors: Muhammad Aliff M, Muhammad Shazwan S, Nur Fariha MM, Hayati AR, Nur Syahrina AR, Maizatul Azma M, Nazefah AH, Jameela S and Asral Wirda AA

Technical Report

High-quality cell block preparation from scraping of conventional cytology slide: a technical report on a modified cytoscrape cell block technique
Authors: Choi YI, Jakhongir M, Choi SJ, Kim L, Park IS, Han JY, Kim JM and Chu YC

Case Reports

Biochemical and molecular characteristics of Malaysian patients with lysinuric protein intolerance
Authors: Habib A, Azize NA, Yakob Y, Md Yunus Z and Wee TK

Acute promyelocytic leukaemia with a novel translocation t(16;17)(q12;p13): a case report
Authors: Bhat H, Geelani S, Rashid M, Bhat T, Qadri M, Bashir N, Manzoor F, Bhat S, Rather F and Rasool J

Dismal outcome of therapy-related myeloid neoplasm associated with complex aberrant karyotypes and monosomal karyotype: a case report
Authors: Tang YL, Chia WK, Yap ECSW, Julia MI, Leong CF, Salwati S and Wong CL

Zollinger-Ellison syndrome: an unusual case of chronic diarrhoea in a child
Author: Goyal R, Debi U, Dey P, Prasad KK and Thapa BR

Rare post-operative complications in a previously undiagnosed Congenital Factor X deficiency patient
Author: Mohd Nazri H, Suhair AA, Wan Suriana WAR, Zefarina Z, Azlan H and Wan Zaidah A

Book review

Effective Medical Writing: The Write Way to Get Published
Author: Lau TP and Looi LM

Abstracts of the 2016 3rd Annual Scientific Meeting of Malaysian Division of the International Academy of Pathology