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Current Issue: Volume 37 No.1 April 2015

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Review Article

Diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis: challenges and promises
Author: Philip N, William T, John DV

Original Articles

Diagnostic challenges in fine needle aspiration cytology of salivary gland lesions
Author: Ameli F, Baharoom A, Md Isa N, Noor Akmal S

E-cadherin downregulation at the infiltrating tumour front is associated with histological grade and stage in colorectal carcinoma of Malaysians
Authors: Dass SD, Cheah PL, Ong DBL, Teoh KH, Looi LM

Role of directional vacuum assisted breast biopsy in previously equivocal biopsies for breast masses suspicious for malignancy
Authors: Debi U, Thulkar S, Sharma S, Sharma MC, Seenu V, Deo SVS, Agarwal S, Hari S

Effect of iron chelator desferrioxamine on serum zinc levels in patients with beta thalassemia major
Authors: Sultan S, Irfan SM, Kakar J, Zeeshan R

Donor biopsy in living donor liver transplantation: is it still relevant in a developing country?
Authors: Dorwal P, Gautam D, Sharma D, Singh DR, Raina V

Short communication

CYP11B2 gene polymorphism among coronary heart disease patients and blood donors in Malaysia
Authors: Normaznah Y, Azizah MR, Kuak SH, Rosli MA

Case Reports

Hurthle cells in fine needle aspiration cytology of the thyroid: a potential diagnostic dilemma?
Authors: Wong YP, Md Isa N, Md Zin RR, Noor Akmal S

Sinonasal haemangiopericytoma: histomorphology and differential diagnoses
Author: Leow WQ, Sng I

A fire death with a rare finding: anthracosis or soot embolism?
Authors: Rahimi R, Omar E, Md Noor S

Myeloid sarcoma of the breast in an aleukemic patient: a rare entity in an uncommon location
Authors: Nalwa A, Nath D, Suri V, Jamaluddin MA, Srivastava A

Adenolipoma of the breast
Authors: Nili F, Ghanbari P, Ghanadan A