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Current Issue: Volume 36 No.3 December 2014

Journal Volume 36 No.3 December 2014

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Review Article

Triple negative breast cancer: the role of metabolic pathways
Author: Dean SJR and Rhodes A

Original Articles

Prenatal diagnosis of aneuploidies in amniotic fluid by multiple ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) analysis
Author: Hamidah NH, Munirah AR, Hafiza A, Farisah AR, Shuhaila A, Norzilawati MN, Jamil MY and Ainoon O

Application of combined immunohistochemical panel of AMACR(P504S) /p63 cocktail, cytokeratin 5 and D2-40 to atypical glands in prostatic needle biopsy
Authors: Kuroda N

Diagnosis of common bacterial causes of urethritis in men by Gram stain, culture and multiplex PCR
Authors: Jahan F, Shamsuzzaman SM and Akter S

Endoscope versus microscope in the diagnosis of esophageal non-erosive reflux disease: a study of 71 cases
Authors: Arul P, Phansalkar M, Alexander T, Padhi S and Vinoth B

Morphometric analysis of epithelial thickness and blood vessels in different grades of oral submucous fibrosis
Authors: Garg N and Mehrotra R

Estimation of platelet count in unstained peripheral blood smears in comparison with stained smears and evaluation of its efficacy
Authors: Umashankar T, Thomas BM and Sahana P

Case Reports

NK/T cell lymphoma associated with peripheral eosinophilia
Authors: Yap E, Wan Jamaluddin WF, Tumian NR, Mashuri F, Mohammed F, Tan GC, Masir N and Abdul Wahid FS

α-Thalassemia with Haemoglobin Adana mutation: prenatal diagnosis
Author: Zainal NZ, Alauddin H, Ahmad S and Hussin NH

Clostridial aortitis causing ruptured dissecting aneurysm in a young adult female
Authors: Subramaniam K, Hasmi AH and Mahmood MS

Benign epithelioid peripheral nerve sheath tumour resembling schwannoma
Authors: Krishnamurthy T and Niveditha SR

Abstracts of Immunology Symposium 2014