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Current Issue: Volume 36 No.2 August 2014

Journal Volume 36 No.2 August 2014

ISSN 0126-8635

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Original Articles

Native and prosthetic valve infective endocarditis: clinicopathologic correlation and review of the literature
Author: Luk A, Kim MHL, Ross HJ, Rao V, David TE and Butany J

Complementary value of DNA flow cytometry and image morphometry in detection of malignant cells in effusion fluids
Author: Bisht B, Handa U, Mohan H and Lehl SS

Monitoring treatment response in sputum smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis patients: comparison of weight gain, sputum conversion and chest radiograph
Authors: How SH, Kuan YC, Ng TH, Razali MR and Fauzi AR

Community acquired bacterial pneumonia: aetiology, laboratory detection and antibiotic susceptibility pattern
Authors: Akter S, Shamsuzzaman SM and Jahan F

Investigation of clinicopathological parameters alongside with p53 expression in primary and recurrent keratocysticodontogenic tumours
Authors: Razavi SM, Khalesi S and Torabinia N

Osteolytic lesions of hand and feet: a seven-year experience from a tertiary referral centre of North India
Authors: Shirazi N, Gupta V, Kapoor I, Harsh M, Chauhan N and Ahmad S

Case Reports

A case of t(14; 18)-negative follicular lymphoma with atypical immunophenotype: usefulness of immunoarchitecture of Ki67, CD79a and follicular dendritic cell meshwork in making the diagnosis
Authors: Wong YP, Abdul-Rahman F, Samsudin AT and Masir N

Homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia
Authors: Alicezah MK, Razali R, Rahman T, Hoh BP, Suhana NH, Muid S, Nawawi HM and Koshy M

Encapsulated papillary carcinoma, apocrine type, of the breast
Author: Kuroda N, Fujishima N, Hayes MM, Moritani S and Ichihara S

Complex mucinous cystadenoma of undetermined malignant potential of the urachus: a rare case with review of the literature
Authors: Prakash MR, Vijayalaxmi SV, Maitreyee R, and Ranjit KP

Malignant granular cell tumour of the mediastinum
Authors: Soh WM, Yeong ML and Wong KP

Letters to Editor

Thrombocytopenia is not observed in the newest H10N8 influenza infection
Author: Joob B and Wiwanitkit V