The Malaysian Journal of Pathology

Current Issue: Volume 33 No.2 December 2011

Journal Volume 33 No.2 December 2011

ISSN 0126-8635


Review Article

Epigenetics and disease
Authors: Choo KB

Testosterone testing in adult males
Authors: Ho CKM

Original Articles

Implications of continued upregulation of p16INK4a through the evolution from high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion to invasive squamous carcinoma of the cervix
Authors: Cheah PL, Looi LM, Mun KS, Nazarina AR and Teoh KH

p53 expression in invasive pancreatic adenocarcinoma and precursor lesions
Authors: Norfadzilah MY, Pailoor J, Retneswari M, Chinna K and Noor Laili MM

Prevalence of uridine glucuronosyl transferase 1A1 (UGT1A1) mutations in Malay neonates with severe jaundice
Authors: Azlin I, Wong FL, Ezham M, Hafi za A and Ainoon O

Analytical and diagnostic performance of an automated anti-CCP assay
Authors: Pavai S, Sargunan S, Amir AZ and Chow SK

Real-time quantifi cation for BCR-ABL transcripts in chronic myeloid leukaemia patients in UKMMC, Malaysia
Authors: Wong FL, Hamidah NH, Hawa AA, Nurul AN, Leong CF, Fadilah SAW and Ainoon O

Field evaluation on the effectiveness of a modified approach of chemical fogging against the conventional fogging in controlling dengue outbreak
Authors: Omar M, Zaliza S, Mariappan M, Zainal AO and Chua KB

Case Reports

Retroperitoneal liposarcoma in an adult patient with Down syndrome
Authors: Yu R, D'Silva K, Ganguli S, Coret AA and Denardi F

Malignant myoepithelioma of the breast: case report with review of literature
Authors: Suguna BV, Geethamani V, Niveditha SR and Monika LS

Sclerosing lobular hyperplasia – cytological similarity to fibroadenoma
Authors: Ammanagi AS, Dombale VD and Shindholimath VV

Abstracts of 10th Annual Scientific Meeting of the College of Pathologists