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Current Issue: Volume 32 No.1 June 2010

Journal Volume 32 No.1 June 2010

ISSN 0126-8635

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Original Articles

Histopathological study of the hepatic and renal toxicity associated with the co-administration of Imatinib and Acetaminophen in a preclinical mouse model
Authors: Nassar I, Pasupati T, Judson JP and Segarra I

An immunohistochemical study of Toll-like receptors 2 and 4 in placenta with and without infection
Authors: Hayati AR, Mohamed AE and Tan GC

Comparing measured total carbon dioxide and calculated bicarbonate
Authors: Mohd Nasir N, Sthaneshwar P, Megat Yunus PJ and Yap SF

A retrospective clinicopathological study of 59 osteogenic sarcoma of jaw bone archived in a stomatology unit
Authors: Ajura AJ and Lau SH

Separation of sulfated urinary glycosaminoglycans by high-resolution electrophoresis for isotyping of mucopolysaccharidoses in Malaysia
Authors: Nor Azimah A, Zabedah MY, Norsiah MD, Ngu LH and Suhaila AR

Urinary type IV collagen levels in diabetes mellitus
Authors: Sthaneshwar P and Chan SP

Broad reactive monoclonal antibodies for rapid identifi cation of enteroviruses show crossreactivity with chikungunya virus infected cells
Authors: Khairul AH, Chem YK, Keniscope C, Rosli J, Hassan S, Mat Jais MS and Chua KB

Case Reports

Neonatal intrahepatic cholestasis caused by citrin defi ciency (NICCD) in three Malay children
Authors: Ngu LH, Zabedah MY and Kobayashi K

Burkitt’s lymphoma in a young Brazilian boy
Authors: Pereira CM, Lopes APM, Meneghini AJ, Silva GBL, Monteiro MC and Botelho TDL

Cervical ectopic thymus masquerading as metastatic thyroid papillary carcinoma
Authors: Chowhan AK, Kinnera VSB, Yootla M and Reddy MKZ

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