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Current Issue: Volume 42 No.2 August 2020

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Review Articles

Therapeutic potentials of neural stem cells in Alzheimer’s disease
Author: Wong RSY, Cheong SK

Gene therapy: An updated overview on the promising success stories
Author: Rashid RA, Ankathil R

Original Articles

Different pathological processes for acute white matter lesions in multiple sclerosis
Author: Alturkustani M, Bahakeem B, Zhang Q, Ang LC

Microcytic to hypochromic ratio as a discriminant index of thalassaemia trait in subjects with hypochromic anaemia
Author: Wee SY, Muhamed Said SS, Raja Sabudin RZA, Alauddin H, Ithnin A

Screening for phaeochromocytoma in patients with acute cerebrovascular disease: Is it necessary?
Author: Mohamed Zainuddin N, Sthaneshwar P, Ratnasingam J

Diagnostic performance of prostate health index (PHI) in predicting prostate cancer on prostate biopsy
Authors: Othman H, Abu Yamin AH, Md Isa N, Bahadzor B, Syed Zakaria SZ

A pilot study on pattern B lipoprotein profile in Malaysia
Authors: C. Thambiah S, Mohamed Pesri NA, Mazalan N, Samsudin IN, Mohamad Ismuddin S, Appannah G, Osman M, Zahari Sham SY

CIP2A expression in high grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia and prostate adenocarcinoma: a tissue mıcroarray study
Authors: Celikden SG, Baspinar S, Ozturk SA, Karaibrahimoglu A

Frequent loss of CD10 expression in follicular lymphoma with leukaemic presentation
Authors: Chen SW, Chang ST, Hsieh YC, Kuo CC, Wu HC, Feng YH, Chuang SS

Susceptibility patterns of anaerobes isolated from clinical specimens in tertiary Hospital, Malaysia
Author: Ishak N, Abdul Wahab Z, Amin Nordin S, Ibrahim R

Short Communication

Haemoglobin Constant Spring (HbA2: c.427T>C) and Haemoglobin Adana (HbA2: c.179G>A) in jaundiced Malaysian term neonates with clinically significant hyperbilirubinemia
Author: Shwe S, Boo NY, Ong HK, Chee SC, Maslina M, Ling MMM, Ahluwalia AK

Case Series

Histopathological study of carcinoma showing thymus-like differentiation (CASTLE)
Authors: Okubo Y, Sakai M, Yamazaki H, Sugawara Y, Samejima J, Yoshioka E, Suzuki M, Washimi K, Kawachi K, Hayashi H, Ito H, Iwasaki H, Yokose T

Wilms tumour with poor response to pre-operative chemotherapy: A report of 2 cases
Author: Tan HCL, Tan JH, Vellusamy VM, Vasavan Y, Lim CS

Case Reports

Extramedullary CD20-positive B-lymphoblastic lymphoma in a 5-year-old child: A diagnostic challenge
Authors: Abdul Jalil D, Raja Sabudin RZA, Tang YL, Masir N

Merkel cell carcinoma: Preparing to go the distance
Author: Arumugam M, Jamil A, Amiseno RA, Rosli N, Abdul Shukor N

Parotid gland oncocytic carcinoma: A rare entity in head and neck region
Authors: Wan Ahmad Kammal WS, Azman M, Salleh AA, Md Pauzi SH, Abd Shukor N

Lymphoma with superimposed tuberculosis and fungal infection mimicking parapharyngeal abscess complicated with recurrent neurocardiogenic syncope: a case report
Author: Sharudin SN, Huda Al Firdas AN, Hitam S, Hamid Z, Nordin NJ, Othman N, Abd Rahman H, Md Arepen SA, Hassan E

Trichosporon Asahii fungaemia in an immunocompetent polytrauma patient who received multiple antibiotics
Author: Ding CH, Khaithir TMN, Wahab AA, Faiz MA, Saarah WR

The role of biochemical testing in cystic fibrosis
Author: Abdul Rahim FH, C Thambiah S, Samsudin IN, Mohamed Mokhtar N

Primary extragonadal vaginal yolk sac tumour: A case report
Author: Wong YP , Yahaya A, Che Abdul Aziz R, Chia PY, Loh CK, Tan GC